Electrical Safety Mats Explained

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Electrical Safety Mats

Electrical Safety Mats are used to provide electrical workers and staff working close to electrical equipment (such as switchboards or high-voltage equipment) safety in high-risk areas where electrical hazards can occur. Workers at risk stand on the electrical safety mats, so that they are protected from live current entering their body from their feet via the ground. Electrical safety mats are usually made from rubber and other insulating materials.


Electrical Safety Mat Protection
Electrical safety mats can only provide protection against earth contact when electrical current travels from the equipment to the ground. Electrical safety mats don’t provide protection if any human contact is made to electrical equipment (such as live conductors or metal of a control panel) that might be at ground potential. If the worker is not wearing the proper personal protective equipment (PPE), then electric shock or worse might ensue.


How to Use Electrical Safety Mats
Electrical safety mats are placed in high-risk areas where electric shock can happen. Electrical safety mats are placed inside plant rooms, in front of circuit switchboards, inside lift control gear rooms, among others. On-site engineers will sometimes travel with an electrical safety mat, so they can use it when performing tasks on live equipment.


Types of Electrical Mats
A variety of electrical safety mats are available for different levels of protection.


50-Volt Protective-Level Electrical Safety Mats
Single-phase (240 volts) switchgear should be using 450-volt protection electrical safety mats. Electrical workers who are servicing 450-volt electrical equipment can be protected without the concerns of holes in the rubber or contamination.


650-Volt Protective-Level Electrical Safety Mats
Three-phase (415 volts) switchgear should be using 650-volt protection electrical safety mats. The grading of these electrical safety mats can protect electrical workers up to a 650 volts.

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